Matthew Haselden

Focused on thoughtful digital products and brand experiences.



For 10 years, I’ve been working for agencies, product companies and design studios in international cross-functional teams, designing products, services and experiences for some amazing companies.

I’ve built a genuine affection for wanting to design amazing experiences, products and services. I’m always looking to work with smart, passionate people who share this belief.



Sweet Protection

Gore Wear


AAH Pharmacuticals


Selected clients

Brands that I have had the opportunity to work with through agencies/consultancies or by product companies.

Champion · Sweet Protection · La Parire · LloydsPharmacy · The Entertainer · Daily Mail · AAH Pharmacuticals · John Bell & Croydon · Barbour · Ralph Lauren · Fiorucci


I truly believe sharing progress early and often is the basis for success.

Every project is unique, so there isn’t a silver bullet process. However, over the years I've reached a high-level approach which has been inspired by various sources and experiences. I tend to use it as a guide, for solving product problems often within sprint cycles.

The application completely depends on the nature of the problem, and the size and stage of the project or feature & It’s always improving.


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